Implementing the Standards-Based Teaching/Learning Cycle in All Colorado Schools

Educators from around the state participated in this excellent learning event focused on implementing the standards-based teaching/learning cycle in Colorado schools. Linda Barker & Dave Benson did an outstanding job of providing an overview of this important information. As a result of their work with district reviews around the state, they have found that teachers and administrators are unclear about essential standards-based practices. Linda and Dave described those practices that have been found to be essential in providing a comprehensive standards-based education. Time was provided for educators to discuss information in job-alike and mixed groups, and to become more familiar with the language of SBE. Each participant received a copy of The Standards-Based Teaching/Learning Cycle, a guide to standards-based practices for districts and schools in Colorado.

Some comments from participants include …

  • Thank you for this opportunity, which has given me lots to think about. I will use the survey to develop a stronger sense of where we really are with SBE.
  • As a result of this workshop, I plan to work on aligning our program with standards so we are teaching to the standards.
  • The questionnaire is a great way to begin discussion about this very important topic.
  • We need to establish some common language.

Thanks, Linda & Dave. This is such important information!

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