Voices of Racial Consciousness: Pushing Beyond Awareness

February 10th was a morning of rich conversation, stimulating questions and informative content. Scott Capron & Rob Nickerson did a masterful job of facilitating the learning around this important topic. Participants, most from Aurora Public Schools examined the dynamics of race and the dominant culture as they relate to the learning of all students. The works of various authorities were considered within the context of the participants’ experiences. People were excited about taking the information presented and sharing it with colleagues. Comments like …

  • “We need to expand & extend this conversation to the broader community.”
  • “This is the kind of conversation that needs to happen with students and school staffs.”.

Two of the many ideas presented that were of particular interest to several participants included …

  • Using “Book Study” with students or staff and selecting one of the recommended books on display.
  • Using a self-assessment tool taken from Cultural Proficiency: A Manual for School Leaders by Lindsey, Nuri Robins & Terrell as a vehicle for staff discussion around cultural proficiency.

Thanks to Rob & Scott for providing this valuable workshop. And thanks to Aurora Public Schools for sending a contingency of people to support each other in their learning.

» Click here to view a slideshow from the workshop.

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