Literacy 2.0: Shifting into the
21st Century Mindset

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Stevi Quate and Joe Dillon

Friday, March 2, 2012

Our workshop on Friday, March 2nd, Literacy 2.0: Shifting into the 21st Century Mindset was outstanding! Stevi Quate & Joe Dillon did a masterful job of creating an interactive learning environment connecting content, social media, and computer tools.

Stevi & Joe explained the difference between "Literacy 1.0" & "Literacy 2.0". Literacy 1.0 is simply the process of finding information in traditional ways. Literacy 2.0 is a much more interactive process of finding and producing information using technology as a major tool for "opening the walls of the world"!

Throughout the day participants worked with 3 different "Conversation Partners": Google Partners, Twitter Partners, and Facebook Partners. Stevi & Joe created a wiki, which contained all sorts of information, websites, and tools. The wiki was our "21st Century handout"! Not only was the workshop informative, but it was fun, engaging, and made participants anxious to explore a variety of computer tools on their own! In other words the learning did not end at 3:00 ... the excitement to continue the work traveled with participants as they left the building.

Some participant comments include the following:

  • I loved learning new technology tools & appreciated the collaborative, facilitated opportunities.
  • I am amazed at all the presentation tool options available!
  • Such meaningful, fun learning opportunities.
  • This is the way that student classrooms should be set up.
  • I'm going to have students use something other than power point to present what they've learned.
  • After todayís workshop, Iím excited to use more collaborative tools such as blogs & wikis for my staff development.

A huge thank you to Stevi & Joe!

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