Implementing Culturally Inclusive Pedagogy:
Teaching Like Our Students’ Lives Matter

Dr. Robert Kegan Picture
Donna Sobel, Ph.D. and Sherry Taylor, Ph.D.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

If you missed this workshop, you missed an opportunity to learn critical information about this important topic, “Implementing Culturally Inclusive Pedagogy” in the classroom. Although our group was small, it was the perfect combination to learn from and with educators with different perspectives. Guided by experts Donna & Sherry, the two representative groups... young master teachers and wise experienced educators were the perfect balance for a powerful conversation.

Effectively responding to diverse student populations is a priority for all educators. Donna and Sherry addressed issues of frequent concern. They stressed the fact that inclusive, culturally responsive pedagogy is neither a teaching method nor a defined set of practices, but a more complex mix of knowledge and skills.

Participants gained a deeper understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of this pedagogy. Our experts shared highlighted teaching episodes... practical examples of teachers effectively operationalizing their commitment, skills, and knowledge of a culturally responsive pedagogy. They also provided practical supports for professional learning and mentoring of teachers to implement a culturally responsive pedagogy. An observation protocol that can be used by teachers, teacher educators, administrators or staff developers was shared. Time was spent examining the Colorado Teacher Quality Standards.

Thanks to Donna & Sherry for sharing their expertise with us! You may want to check out their new Book Implementing Culturally Inclusive Pedagogy: Teaching Like Our Students’ Lives Matter.

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