Transforming School Cultures through
Conscious Leadership

November 12 & 13, 2010

What an amazing two days of professional learning!  Our first experience of partnering with CASE was outstanding!  And Rob Bocchino is truly a person with expertise, wisdom ... and heart!  The model used ... adding a coaching component ... proved to be very successful.  Participants were grouped into teams.  Each team had either a CSDC or CASE facilitator/coach.  Coaches worked with their individual teams, facilitating in-depth learning during the 2 days.  Each coach will have three future meetings or conference calls with their team:  one in December, one in January, & one in February.  

Some comments I heard from participants include:

  • Attending this conference is one of the better decisions I've made in a long time.
  • I couldn't go to sleep last night because of this work and my planning and thinking.  My brain was on fire!
  • I was supposed to go to something else on Saturday, but after today, how could I miss any part of this conference.
  • My "boss" gave me the choice of being able to attend this conference or one that is happening this summer.  I am so glad that I chose this one!
  • How great to have a coach help us process, internalize and make meaning out of the content.

This truly was a shift in thinking about how we provide and support professional learning. Educators who attended the conference gained new insights into the way they view their work, the way they view the people they work with, and the way they view themselves.

Thanks to everyone who helped design and plan this conference and to the coaches who worked with participants.  We have created a powerful model for professional learning that could have an impact on future professional learning experiences.

Below, find links to important information referenced during the conference, as well as the handouts used.

- Link: Book Recommendation: "Power of Protocols: an Educator's Guide to Better Practice" by Joseph P. McDonald

- Link: Book Recommendation: "Protocols for Professional Learning" by Lois Brown Easton

- Link: National School Reform Faculty, Critical Friends Protocols

- Link: Perceptions video: Basketball Players

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