Where the Rubber Meets the Road:
Improving Instruction through Lesson Study

December 2, 2010

Lois Easton did an outstanding job of engaging participants in a variety of strategies to learn about this powerful form of professional learning called Lesson Study.  Attendees were challenged to experience the technique through simulation, actually engaging in the process and then debriefing the experience.  Lois then covered the basic elements of lesson study including those related to implementation (who, when, how).

Participants received a packet of information that outlined the basics of lesson study: 

  • The steps of lesson study
  • The lesson study cycle
  • Protocols that can be used when engaged in the process

The packet also included an extensive bibliography, as well as six sample plans that detailed a variety of ways to implement lesson study. 

A huge thank you to Lois for engaging participants in a variety of learning experiences in order to provide a basic understanding of this complex strategy!  And thanks to all the attendees who came from around the state to participate!

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