No More Clock Watchers!
  Stevi Quate & John McDermott

October 22, 2010

Friday's workshop featuring Stevi Quate & John McDermott, authors of Clock Watchers was such a valuable learning experience.  Participants were definitely motivated ... and engaged in the learning!  Because Stevi & John decided to "go green" having no handouts, registrants were asked to bring laptop computers. They used technology as one tool to effectively engage people. Participants were immersed in the content of Clock Watchers.  Stevi & John used interactive strategies that provided a variety of ways for people to collaborate, network, and learn with and from colleagues.

Participants examined a framework outlined in Clock Watchers called “The 6 C’s”.  It is based on extensive research, a framework that builds a classroom culture that is likely to produce student motivation and engagement that will result in learning.  The 6 C’s include:

  1. Caring Classroom Community
  2. Checking In and Checking Out
  3. Choice
  4. Collaboration
  5. Challenge
  6. Celebration

Some participant comments:

  • As a coach, I have strategies to share with new and experienced teachers that will motivate and engage students.
  • So valuable!  I have things I can take back and use immediately.
  • Fabulous day!

A huge thank-you to Stevi Quate & John McDermott for facilitating an outstanding learning experience!

View the slideshow of this event.

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