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It’s the New Colorado Academic Standards!

Presented by:
Linda Barker, Director of Teaching and Learning, CEA
Jo O’Brien, Assistant Director, CDE, Office of Standards and Assessments
Melissa Colsman, Math Content Specialist and Assistant Director, CDE, Office of Standards and Assessments
Angela Norlander, Principal Consultant, CDE, Office of Standards and Assessments

Forty-five educators from around the state came together to participate in the April 13th half-day session, “It’s the New Colorado Academic Standards!”   Presenters explained the integration of content knowledge and skills and the holistic manner of the standards.  The session provided an overview of the revision process, the essential concepts and skills, a look at what the new standards mean for the classroom, and the connection to 21st century skills.   

Many participants appreciated the carousel strategy used to help people explore the 21st century skills.  Jo O’Brien referred to these skills as “the five muscles” that are imbedded in all content areas from pre-school through high school.  They are…

  1. Critical Thinking and Reasoning
  2. Information Literacy
  3. Collaboration
  4. Self-direction
  5. Invention

Participants were given supportive materials to take with them, including…

  • The Standards-Based Teaching/Learning Cycle,
  • Standards-Based Practices Self-Assessment for Teachers
  • Standards-Based Practices Self-Assessment for Principals
  • Standards-Based Practices Self-Assessment at the District Level
  • Colorado Prepared Graduation Competencies

A huge thank you to Linda Barker, Jo O’Brien, Melissa Colsman, and Angela Norlander for sharing this important information with us.   

PDF documents:

View photo slideshow of event.

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