Leadership Forum

Chris Bryan & Lois Easton

Chris Bryan and Lois Easton are currently senior consultants to the National Staff Development Council and are co-presidents of the Colorado Staff Development Council. Both Chris and Lois work independently as consultants in the professional development field.

Educators from around the state attended CSDC's second Leadership Forum focused on examining the Linda-Darling Hammond study. Participants were guided through a summary of the study, using a variety of processing activities to discuss text. The study looks at ways to increase student success and close achievement gaps. It also has huge implications for policy and practice in Colorado.

The session began with a polling of the group to find out the answers to five essential questions, such as "What implications does this study suggest for professional development in your school/district? " A website, polleverywhere.com, was used and people were asked to respond by sending text messages on their cell phones. Those text messages appeared anonymously on the computer screen immediately for everyone to see. Check out that website for more information.

Tools for examining the text of the study included processing activities such as Visual Dialogue, Four X Four and a Gallery Tour. Using these strategies gave participants time to network with other educators while learning information contained in the study. "Nice summary of the study" and "Great opportunity for sharing" were just two of the participant comments.

A huge thank you to Lois & Chris for planning this outstanding event. Although Lois was not able to be there to help facilitate, Chris did a masterful job of guiding us through the study and sharing processes which we can use in our own work. And thanks to each of you for making time to attend ... especially those who came from long distances.

» Slide show from the Forum.

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