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Get Involved with Learning Forward Colorado!

We Need You

As a volunteer organization, Learning Forward Colorado needs many hands, minds, and voices working in collaboration to accomplish our work and strive toward our mission. Please consider getting involved in our organization and joining one of our action teams to make a difference in Colorado:

To find out more about how you might contribute, contact any of the Trustees, Board of Directors or contact us here at the web site for further information.

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Learning Forward Colorado is an affiliate of Learning Forward. Each organization, although congruent in their believes and their supports, have their own membership structure. We strongly encourage you to join both the local Colorado affiliate and the international organization to maximize the support and resources available to you.

Learning Forward Colorado exists because we believe professional learning is the key to effective teaching, leading and student learning.

Learning Forward Colorado behaves with passion, dedication and commitment to high quality, purposeful professional learning.

Learning Forward Colorado influences and empowers educators who want to make professional learning most effective.

Learning Forward Colorado will succeed by building communities of practice focused on networking professional learning resources, modeling authentic quality professional learning and strengthening knowledge, skills and strategies to lead quality professional learning.

Reasons to join Learning Forward Colorado

  • Fuel your passion for contributing to powerful professional learning.
  • Deepen your understanding and application of the standards for effective professional learning.
  • Strengthen your own knowledge, skills and strategies for effective professional learning.
  • Develop a support community of statewide educators who strive to assure all professional learning experiences are effective and impactful.
  • Learn from others about how they are assessing the effectiveness of their work.
  • Contribute to conversations on issues and ideas influencing professional development in our districts and across our state.
  • Expand your capacities and opportunities by sharing resources and talents.
  • Strengthen your beliefs and commitments to the importance of professional learning in making a difference for all students.



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